• Terry Hwang
    CEO, Managing Partner
  • From 2008 to the end of October 2015,
    Terry Hwang served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Deutsche Asset Management Korea,
    an affiliate of Deutsche Bank, as well as Head of its real estate division.
    His major career achievements include KRW 3 trillion investments in local real estate assets, KRW 1 trillion investment in overseas real estate assets,
    and KRW 1.2 trillion investment mandate contract for overseas markets
    and debt fund with Samsung Life Insurance and Korean pension investors.

    Prior to joining Deutsche Asset Management Korea,
    Terry worked for real estate division at Samsung Life Insurance for 15 years and performed asset management of KRW 4.5 trillion assets
    with investment management of KRW 2 trillion assets in both local and overseas markets.

    For major awards, Terry was nominated as the Korea Best Real Estate Management Company by the Asian Investment Journal
    in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014 consecutively while at Deutsche Asset Management Korea and Presidential Award
    while at Samsung Life Insurance for recognition of his best asset management practice in 2001.
  • Main Experience
  • 2008 ~ 2015 : CEO of Deutsche Asset Management Korea
    1993 ~ 2007 : Samsung Life Insurance, Real Estate Investment Team 2 Head
    China Regional Professional Program (2002)
    CBRE NY Asset Management Program (2000)
  • Education
  • Yonsei University MBA
    Hanyang Graduate University 2 year Program in Urban Planning

  • JK Seo
    Head of Investment & Asset Management Division 1 / MD
  • Samsung Group, Office for Future Strategy (Deployed)
  • Samsung Life Insurance, Real Estate Investment and Asset Management
  • Seoul National University BA in Business Management

  • Duke Lee
    Head of Investment & Asset Management Division 2 / Director
  • Deutsche Asset Management Korea, Portfolio Manager
  • Saengbo Real Estate Trust, Strategic Business Unit
  • Johns Hopkins University, BA in International Relations / MA in Government

  • Arnold Ahn
    Compliance Officer / MD
  • Samsung Futures, Compliance Division - Compliance officer
  • Samsung Life Insurance, Head of Finance
  • KAIST, MA in Business Management

  • Jay Han
    Fund Finance / Senior Manager
  • Macquarie Capital Korea Limited
  • Ewha Womans University, BA in Business Administration
  • US Certified Public Accountant